Whether you are looking to make extra money this holiday season or are looking for supplemental income between jobs, working a seasonal job during one of the busiest time of the year could be the ticket for you. In this article, we’ll break down the many benefits of working during the holiday season.

Store Discounts
One of the many perks to working retail, especially during the holidays, is the store discounts. Working at a place where you and your family members can benefit, will not only help make your paycheck go a little further, but will also keep you under budget if you’re in the gift-giving mood.

Holiday Pay
Let’s face it, finding someone willing to work the holidays instead of spending time with their family can be tough. Keep in mind employers provide increased pay during peak holiday work shifts. Some employers will even go so far as to provide paid time off for a normal work shift!

Opportunities For Permanent Hire
Once the holiday rush is over, many seasonal jobs come to an end. However, if you are a dedicated, hard worker some employers might turn your temporary position into a permanent job.

Add Skills To Your Resume
Notice your newfound skills: patience, time management and excellence at working in groups. All are qualities hiring managers enjoy seeing on a resume, and your recent experience just provided you with some — if not all — of those skills. Since nearly everyone has worked seasonally at some time in their life or another, your potential employer will see your list of holiday work experience and know you’re dedicated to getting the job done and you have great patience with customers. They’ve most likely been there before. They will know.

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