There are many misconceptions about what you need to be considered under CDL. Think if your bucket truck has air brakes you need a CDL? What about if you have a 42′ or taller boom? If your truck is 24′ or longer you need a CDL right? Well, if you answered yes to any of these, you would be wrong.

American truck speeding on freeway, blurred motion.
A commercial driver’s license is needed for vehicles based on weight. To be
required to have CDL, your truck and/ or load must weigh more than 26,000 lbs. This goes by GVW or gross vehicle weight. That means, bucket trucks or digger derricks with a GVW of 26,000 will be legal to operate without a commercial driver’s license.

The GVW is determined by the manufacturer. If you are pulled over by authorities and weighed, they cannot write the ticket based on their measurements but must go by the manufacturers calculations. Be warned, if you are driving a vehicle that carries more than fifteen passengers you need a CDL. Be careful when traveling through different states. The weight limit above is the federal guide, states can change their requirements without notice and you could be stuck with a hefty fine or worse. It is wise to check with the states department of motor vehicles before driving.

This should cover most of your bucket truck and digger derrick CDL questions. If you have any more please leave them in the comments section and I will respond as soon as possible. If you are looking to buy a bucket truck, pressure digger, digger derrick, or boom truck under CDL, please visit any of the links on this page.

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