What Is Alcoholic Nose or Drinkers Nose? Rhinophyma

There are currently no cures for rosacea, but there are options available to treat specific symptoms. Behavioral therapy – solo or group session therapy allows an individual to process their addiction better. Talking to a counselor or a sober escort is also introduced post-rehab as part of reliable after-care programs. It may take at least two to seven days, with medication for some withdrawal symptoms. Stress and depression – People undergoing a mental health crisis are prone to having severe rosacea as stress is a key contributor to your body going haywire.

Expand as well as constrict, which can lead to changes in physical appearance such as reddening skin. The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. There are no shortcuts in this process and through endless support, we provide intensive care on your journey to recovery. Alcohol abuse, our admissions team is available to help you or your loved one. Fields used his bulbous, rhinophyma nose as part of his brand. Rosacea can stem from having fair skin or a genetic disposition.

Who Is at Risk for Alcoholic Nose?

Left untreated rhinophyma can cause excessive scar tissue to form, and surgery may be necessary. When a person is concerned they may have rhinophyma, or any other form of rosacea, a doctor can usually diagnose this condition by observing the patient’s face. People who have noses that are inflamed, bulbous, and red often have rhinophyma, which might be a form of a condition known as rosacea. We understand that substance abuse is often a way of coping with trauma, challenging experiences, and other emotional distress.

Therefore, talking to a licensed professional or a mental health counselor can help you process your condition easier. Similar to Cymbalta withdrawal treatment, you can get better from chronic alcohol use. However, it will not work for moderate to worse cases of ocular rosacea and rhinophyma. If you or a loved one need to make lifestyle changes, we can help. Contact one of our expert alcohol treatment specialists at Recovering Champions now.


Rosacea is identified by reddening and thickening of the skin, pitting and scarring, broken blood vessels, and disfigurement or bulging of the nose. Rosacea affects thenose more in menand the cheeks more in women, which makes men much more likely to get rhinophyma than women. Rhinophyma has not been shown to be connected to alcohol use, and calling rhinophyma an “alcoholic nose” is not medically correct.

  • Rhino means nose while phyma means a swelling, nodule, or skin tumor.
  • As discussed above, rosacea can be a main contributing factor to redness and flushing of the cheeks.
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  • A customized treatment plan will offer treatment services in a setting that is most likely to facilitate long-term recovery.

Excessive drinking has numerous impacts on your body and mind, ranging from mild to severe. Learn which signs to look out for, and how to care for your well-being. If you or a loved one are in search of treatment services for alcohol use disorder, help is available. This is a stigma, however, that those who struggle with substance abuse regularly face. If a person has rhinophyma, that is no indication as to whether they drink or abuse alcohol.

What Are Some Other Names for Alcoholic Nose?

It is important to remember that alcoholism affects a person’s mind, soul, and body. It combines a sober location to call home while emphasizing the importance of staying connected to essential family members and friends in recovery. alcoholic nose Intensive sober living is similar to residential treatment, which takes place after detox, support groups, and individual/group therapy. It’s important to keep in mind that these programs are more available in this treatment.

what does an alcoholic nose look like

To learn more about alcoholic nose and other long-term effects of alcohol abuse, read on. What is commonly called “alcoholic nose” is actually a skin condition called rhinophyma (Greek for “nose growth”). Rhinophyma is in a category of skin conditions known as rosacea, which causes chronic inflammation of the skin. This chronic inflammation is caused by broken blood vessels and sores on or around the nose, causing it to appear red, swollen, and bumpy. While several of these terms are related to drinking alcohol, the reality is that alcohol abuse is not considered a cause of rhinophyma. Therefore, when severe rosacea spreads to the nose, it is termed rhinophyma (literally meaning “nose swelling”).

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