SQL SERVER DBA Training Program

They even provided me with some real-time scenarios to practice. The environment is very good for the attendees to learn as the trainers deliver their lectures in depth with some real-time scenarios. Don’t mind whether you are a newbie or professional, you will definitely gather a great stuff on your preferred domain that lays a strong path for your professional career growth. To put your SQL Server DBA Training learning into practice, you would be expected to work on two industry-based projects which explain significant real-time use cases.

sql server dba training

The support team was always available to solve my issues anytime. I recommend joining HKR Trainings to learn Salesforce.

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It’s important to understand the various components, editions, and versions that exist when discussing SQL Server 2016. Explore the SQL Server platform and best practices and guidelines to follow when preparing for an installation. SQL Server 2016 offers various database programmable objects, such as stored procedures and functions. Discover how to implement database programmability objects and how to work with temporal and non-relational data in SQL Server 2016. SQL Server 2016 offers built-in functions that provide data type conversion, comparison, and NULL handling.

Learn how to develop and install custom components and implement script tasks. Microsoft SQL Server applications can be moved to Azure virtual machines to help reduce costs and to optimize overall performance. Explore the various methods used to migrate applications as well as gathering benchmark data. Keeping a SQL Server environment running its best involves constant monitoring of activity. Discover how to configure operators and alerts in SQL Server 2016 to help you maintain peak performance. SQL Server uses instances to allow more than one copy of a SQL Server component to be installed on a single server. Explore SQL Server instances in IaaS and on-premises, and the various storage solutions in SQL Server 2016.

Create a foreign key column

If there is anything that’s worth working with after completing an IT course, it is becoming a Database what is sql dba manager. Learning SQL Server DBA is very easy as compared to other programming languages.

sql server dba training

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